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A Walk Through 100 Years of Ford Truck History

You may know that the Ford F-150 is America's best-selling truck, but did you know that Ford Motor Company has been building pickups since the ragtime era?

Just nine years after releasing the ubiquitously popular Model T, Ford listened to customer demands for a more utility-capable vehicle, and created the Model TT pickup in 1917. It could carry a 2,000-pound payload, and cost only $600.

By 1928, the same year Helen Kane made "I Wanna Be Loved by You" a radio hit…

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Costs of Ownership to Keep In Mind

When you arrive at our dealership, there are a few different costs you will have to keep in mind during the purchasing process.

However, there are also some costs that you may not have thought of, which are a part of the ownership experience.

This video helps explain a few different costs that you will want to consider when you are looking for a vehicle.

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Unprecedented Versatility: the Ford Fusion

Versatility is a key component to a quality driving experience. You want the assurance of knowing that your vehicle can adapt to different terrains, environments, and road conditions. With the Ford Fusion, you will have that confidence, and much more.

Just ask Lisa, who has fallen in love with her 2017 Ford Fusion SE. Not only does it provide her with enough features, and interior space, it also offers a smooth drive, and a stylish aesthetic that she loves. Check out what else she loves about her Ford vehicle in the video!

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The Great American Road Trip Lives

The Great American Road Trip is making a comeback. Some families are using it as an excuse to bond, putting away the electronics in favor of an old-fashioned game of I Spy and a chorus of classic road songs as they cross the country in search of adventure. Others guarantee a little quiet time by making sure the tablets are charged and everyone has headphones so there’s no squabbling before they reach their destination. Whatever your road trip style, there are things that will make the journey smoother.

If you’re a planner and you have a specific timeline…
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Keep Your Vehicle Safe From Rust and Salt

If you want your car to last, you need to wash it-regularly. Washing your car regularly will help to protect the paint from dirt and debris that can build up and wear away the shine, and eventually the paint itself. Once your paint is gone, then rust can easily move in and begin to destroy the metal parts of your car. You want to avoid rust at all costs because it is not only expensive to repair rust damage, but it will greatly reduce the value of your car-not good if you ever plan to resell it one day.
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Tire Service

The tires of your car are one of the things that take a beating everyday. As you drive the car on a regular basis, they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Fortunately there are a number of ways to keep your tires in the best possible condition before they get replaced. It will be necessary to rotate the tires with every oil change. This keeps the tires balanced and in position to perform at their best as long as possible. Along with rotating the tires, it is important to check the pressure and fill them up on…
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A Small Windshield Crack Can Become a Much Bigger Problem

You are driving along on the highway, minding your own business. You are safely following the vehicle in front of you, which happens to be an 18-wheeler. Suddenly, a small object is hurled towards your car’s windshield, propelled by one of the tractor-trailer's tires. The impact creates a small, barely distinguishable crack, about the size of a dime. The crack is in a discrete location out of the field of view. Nothing to worry about right?

Unfortunately, if you have this assumption, you are sadly mistaken, as a cracked windshield will only get worse as time goes on…
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Why the Ford Transit Connect is the Perfect Small Transport Vehicle

If you're looking for a high-quality small transport vehicle, the Ford Transit Connect is your best choice. Why? First of all, it has 149 cubic feet of storage and a payload rating of 1,610 pounds.

This means you can throw down the seats and haul a large amount of goods without worrying about affecting its fuel efficiency. With the seats up, you can even bring along passengers to keep you company on long trips.

Another cool feature of this van is the way that the front passenger seat back can be folded down to provide you with a…
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